Financial and Business Analyst , Junior

Minimum Salary

1500 euro monthly


Slovakia / HB Reavis Group / Bratislava / HB Reavis

Purpose of the role

You will share the responsibility for the group’s debt financing which includes detailed financial modelling of group’s existing and potential financial instruments such as loans, bonds, hedging instruments, financial modelling of the group’s debt portfolio, detailed and comprehensive evaluation of debt parameters. You will communicate directly with banks, bondholders and other counterparties. You will assist with or arrange project/group presentations for banks and investors. From the very start, you will be involved in the process of debt structuring, financial modelling, internal and external data management, and reporting.


• Good understanding of corporate finance principles
• Understanding of financial instruments such as commercial mortgage backed loans, balance-sheet financing, bonds, hedging instruments
• Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word command at an expert level
• Problem solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking
• Team spirit and information-sharing attitude
• Willingness to evaluate problems from different perspectives
• High degree of personal integrity
• Excellent communication skills
• Proficiency in English



  • • Previous working experience - brief outline of tasks and responsibilities or your own projects
    • Studies abroad or a similar experience
    • Personal references and/or a recommendation letter
    • Demonstration of your financial modelling skills or any project you are particularly proud of
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Outstanding academic performance
    • A good command of Slovak or any other language

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