(hereinafter referred to as the „Information“)

To our company HB REAVIS Slovakia a. s., seat: Karadžičova 12, 821 08 Bratislava, Company ID: 31 346 065, registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sa, insert No.: 3429/B (hereinafter referred to as the „HB Reavis Slovakia“ or „our company“), the protection of your personal data is very important. In case you are considering sending us your CV or you are interested in open positions published on our website, by on-line form filled in on above mentioned website, we would like to explain to you what personal data we collect and how do we use it. Therefore we would like to call you to read this Information.

HB Reavis Slovakia is part of the international group HB Reavis, with its headquarters in Luxembourg (hereinafter referred to as the „HB Reavis Group“) and in this connection reference to HB Reavis Group may be found in this document.

2. Purpose of processing of the personal data:

Purpose of processing of the personal data is selection of the potential employees, execution of personal interviews and sending of personal information to the applicants for position in our company, related to management of the recruitment process. Personal data are being processed as well when you contact us by e-mail with any question.

CVs stored in our CV´s database contain data which are, according to Sec. 4 Act No. 122/2013 Coll. On personal data protection as amended (hereinafter referred to as the „Personal data protection act“) considered personal data. Therefore this personal data can be processed only with your consent as the person concerned. Person concerned (i.e. you) before submitting of the CV represents, that all personal data provided by it are true, and subsequently grants its consent to our company for processing of its personal data.

3. What data we collect about you?

By contact with our company you most often provide us with these data:

a) name,

b) e-mail,

c) phone number

d) your personal data contained in your CV sent to HB Reavis Slovakia, in particular date of birth, address, achieved education and your employment history.

4. How do we collect and store personal data?

We obtain personal data from you as the person concerned solely with your consent based on sending of the CV or filling in and sending the question by e-mail to HB Reavis Slovakia. By communication with HB Reavis Slovakia via e-mail our company will store only your e-mail address. Personal data provided by you are being processed and stored in the information system of the website, so called Content Management System (hereinafter referred to as the “CMS”). Personal data provided by you, collected and stored in the CMS are not publicly available. Only strictly limited list of persons to whom the authorization to handle the personal data has been awarded is allowed to access the data. Their access to the personal data and extent of this access is reviewed by our company on the regular basis. Your personal data are being processed solely by employees of our company, which have to comply with strict security conditions under the security project to obtain the authorization to inspect your personal data. No other person, nor within the HB Reavis Group, can see your personal data.

5.  Information on voluntary submission of personal data:

We process only personal data submitted to us voluntarily and with purpose to provide HB Reavis Slovakia with this personal data. Our company does not possess and does not store personal data, other than personal data provided to us by you on the voluntary basis. Information according to article 2 of this Information, regarding the recruitment of new employees or answers to questions, will be sent by HB Reavis Slovakia to you as the person concerned to the submitted e-mail address, from which you have contacted us and which we possess and store for the purpose of contacting you with our response.

6. To whom we provide your personal data?:

Your personal data is provided and made available only to natural persons – authorized employees of HB Reavis Slovakia for the purpose of its recording and preservation for needs of our company. Personal data will not be published, nor provided to third parties, with exception, if this duty is imposed by the law, directly enforceable legally binding act of the European Union or by international treaty by which the Slovak Republic is bound or if the access or provision contractually agreed on between HB Reavis Slovakia and you, as the person concerned, based on your consent.

7. Information on your rights as the person concerned:

You rights are defined in Personal data protection act. Your right according to this act is, in particular to demand from HB Reavis Slovakia based on a written request:

a) confirmation whether your personal data is or is not processed by our company,

b) in generally comprehensible form information regarding processing of personal data in CMS to the extent according to Personal data protection act,

c) precise information on source from which we have obtained your personal data,

d) list of your personal data we process,

e) correction or liquidation of incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data we process,

f) liquidation of personal data, purpose of processing of which has terminated; if an object of processing are administrative documents, you can request their return,

g) liquidation of personal data which are being processed, if the breach of Personal data protection act occurred,

h) blocking of personal data for withdrawal of the consent before its termination, if the operator processes personal data based on the consent of the person concerned.

8. Liquidation of personal data

a.) HB Reavis Slovakia will without undue delay secure liquidation of your personal data after fulfilment of the purpose for which the personal data were collected in CMS or following your personal notice.

b.) Person concerned can its rights stated in part 7 apply in writing, by post or electronic post (see contact data below); in case the matter cannot be delayed even in the oral form in the seat of our company into the minutes. From the minutes must be clear who exercised the right, what is being demanded and when and who drew up the minutes, his/her signature and signature of the person concerned; copy of minutes shall be awarded by our company to the person concerned.

c.) By suspicion that your personal data are being processed without authorization, you are entitled to submit the proposal for initiation of the personal data protection proceedings to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic.

d.) If you as the person concerned do not have the full legal capacity, your rights according to the law can be applied by your legal representative. Rights of the person concerned according to the law, which is departed, can be applied by a related party.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: HB REAVIS Slovakia a. s., seat: Karadžičova 12, 821 08 Bratislava,