The southern centre of the city of Brno has begun its transformation into a new modern centre thanks to the project Nová Zvonařka. This city-building project, which draws from the atmosphere of the neighbouring city centre, is a combination of office and coworking spaces, retail operations and in the future will also provide residential accommodation. The new city in a city, right next to the bus station and the shopping centre, will bring back life to a neglected part of the city of Brno. The balance between urbanism, technology, community and nature formed the cornerstone in designing the project. The result is a very easily accessible project in a very human scale, with first-rate public spaces and original architecture that fits naturally into the context of the neighbouring city centre and with the smart technologies that a modern new city–centre needs.

The ambition of the project is to be beneficial both on a micro and macro level. The Nová Zvonařka project, thanks to its versatility and flexibility, welcomes corporations, freelancers, start-ups and visitors to the city as well as those residents who live in the immediate vicinity.

No longer desolate and with a breath of fresh air, the new era of a lively and restored city centre in Brno begins!


  • A wide range of HB Reavis facilities and services – HubHub for coworking, Qubes which provides flexible offices, corporate premises, Symbiosy - smart office services, Origameo as a consulting service and the More service with its bike-sharing, lobby concierge and events to support well-being and health
  • Certifications: BREEAM and WELL Building Standard
  • Varied and well-thought-out public spaces, including the inner atrium with the potential to create a lively atmosphere, typical for a city centre
  • Support for many modes of transportation and excellent transport infrastructure connected to public transport and city thoroughfares
  • Direct connection to the bus station, a popular shopping centre, bike paths and the future new train station
  • Plentiful balconies and terraces
  • A colourful mix of retail operations on the ground floor of the project but also in close proximity to the project
  • A project establishing a contemporary and modern centre of the city of Brno that also catches the atmosphere of a unique city centre
  • Parking capacity of more than 700 parking places in the first phase of the project
  • The project will be implemented in two phases, including a residential function in the later phases of the project
  • Both stages will be separated from each other by the future new city boulevard, which will interlink the historical centre of the city of Brno and the future new railway station.
  • Status: obtaining the EIA permit


  • Expected gross leasable area
    53,000 m²
  • Expected delivery
  • Concept architects
    K4 Architects & others

Services in the project

cowork space

HubHub offers the full package of co-working space where worlds collide and value is created for all involved. An ecosystem in which all benefit from each other.


We offer a wide range of events at our building, from live musical performances, relaxing office massages and movie nights to a week long street food festival.


Opustena and Trnita street Brno, Czech Republic


Development Manager

Leasing Director