What is More?

Property management

Overseeing users’ relationships, including active listening, to keep track of the most valued services.

Facility management

Services to keep workspaces safe and comfortable so buildings can run smoothly.


A helping hand with daily routines. Need dry cleaning, car washing, restaurant reservations or even to send a package? Concierge at your service!


An excellent source of information about events, activities and services. All in one place.


Wellbeing activities and events that prevent the negative impacts of stress and promote a healthy lifestyle.


A bike and scooter sharing service that helps people get around quickly in a healthy and sustainable way.


Movie nights, beauty days, both a street food and a Christmas market and much more. Relaxation and fun to suit everyone’s tastes.

The Nook

A café for various events to build and nourish a sense of community within the emerging business zone so our buildings stay lively, even after 5 o’clock.

This is how we are applying More ideas into the Varso Place project