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With people and responsibility at the heart of our projects, we develop state-of-the-art real estate solutions that span work, retail and amenity space. Our people-centric approach ensures all our projects put wellbeing first and inspire everyone who uses them.

Despite dealing with tons of concrete and metal every day, our job goes much further than construction. Our integrated, full-service business model means we’re not only shaping the landscape of major European cities but are creating lively, collaborative spaces that support and nurture business communities. And with a focus on how we can protect the planet as we do it, we’re creating a more sustainable future for us all.

This approach has helped us become one of Europe’s biggest workspace providers. We’re present in several markets: the UK, Germany, Poland, Czechia and Hungary.

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Annual report


Our key beliefs

Office buildings aren’t just bricks and mortar. They’re made up of the people within them and the environment around them. With this in mind, each project we deliver is built on three key beliefs:.

Putting people first

Our projects are designed to foster collaboration, communities and culture. We develop spaces that include everything people need to get the most out of their working day.

Powering greater productivity

Our people-centric approach results in office designs that are tailored to the people that fill them, boosting productivity and wellbeing.

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Protecting the planet

We’re contributing to a responsible future. Not only do we equip every building with the latest smart technology, we make sure all our spaces target the highest environmental and safety specifications and community standards.




Our strategic workspace advisory service that combines data analysis with decades of real estate expertise. Our team is ready to help design and optimise your office environment.


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Our industry-leading smart office technology. Use real-time insights to improve wellbeing and the employee experience, help manage diverse workplace strategies., optimise space utilisation and monitor carbon emissions. Through data, we’ll help you get the most out of your office investment.



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Value-added services that create a hosted workspace experience, helping your employees get the most out of their day. Everything from a hotel-style concierge, on-site bicycle and scooter rental, bespoke classes, events and much More.



Ready to Work

Fully-serviced office spaces enhanced by Symbiosy and tailored to your needs. With shorter leases on flexible terms, and a modular design that makes your workspace adaptable, we take care of the big stuff so your office move is as smooth as possible.

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A different kind of co-working environment with a focus on collaborative learning and growth. Work alongside businesses at the same stage as your. It’s like having a ready-made support network.


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Why HB Reavis?

One partner for all your needs
The businesses who lease our offices aren’t tenants – they’re partners. We continue to manage our buildings, so we live with the decisions we make. You can rest assured that we’re investing in your future as a result.

People-centric design
We help our partners better understand their employees’ needs and translate that into office design that supports wellbeing and drives business success. This is built on our belief that we all do better work when our physical and mental health are being looked after.

Committed to a sustainable future
We’ll support you in meeting your sustainability goals. From how our buildings are designed and built to how they’re run on a daily basis, we aspire to make a positive impact on the environment.

Ready to embrace change
We sit at the cutting edge of the smart office evolution. We’re flexible and able to move quickly, which helps us meet your needs. Everything we offer is backed up by our team of industry experts – so you’ve always got somewhere to turn if you need advice.

Board of Directors

  • Marcel Sedlak
  • Parveen Soebrati
  • Willem de Graaf
  • Steven Skinner
  • Ivan Chrenko*
  • Lea Chrenkova*
  • Stefan Stanko
  • Vaclav Matousek
  • Neil Ross
  • Liviu-Constantin Rusu
  • Isabel Schellenberg

*Non-executive Board Members