Office wellbeing for the future of work

When we spend 90% of our time indoors, it’s natural that the office environment can affect how we experience the working day. A smartly designed workspace focused on people's health and wellbeing can unlock greater productivity.

We explored this concept with BBC StoryWorks and have put together a series of resources for you to start your own office wellbeing journey.

From the destination office to the future of wellbeing: it's all here

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Discover the four elements of office wellbeing

Redefining 'feeling well' with smart tech and design


Healthy bodies, minds, and relationships

Engagement relies on an enriching space that can boost wellbeing in every way. Provide relaxing surroundings to help people unplug, active design to stretch their legs, and social spaces to bring them together. Supercharge productivity with optimised temperature, lighting, and air quality, powered by smart office tech.


Workplaces where things happen

The office isn't just a place to go – it's a part of the daily routine. From tailored office design to support multiple working styles to services and facilities to help people get more out of their day, transform your workspace into a destination.


Creativity starts here

Creativity flows in a relaxing, supportive and collaborative environment. Design an environment that inspires big ideas. With green terraces, patios or even a roof, employees can blow off steam after a big meeting and get back to a happy headspace.


Working towards a better future

Becoming a responsible business can seem an overwhelming yet necessary task. Motivate your teams to bring them on the journey and collaborate for a better future. From optimised recycling to cycling facilities, make responsibility a core pillar of your office space and community.