Responsible from the very beginning

We’ve always approached our business responsibly. Over 25 years, we’ve developed
processes that help us build our projects in a way that’s not only
considerate to the environment, but also to people.

The time has come to gather all our know-how in one place and follow
the well established ESG framework regarding how companies handle
environmental, social and governance areas.

We’ve developed a telling brochure which describes how we adopted the ESG criteria
as part of our responsible business approach. Here you can find
our main aspirations and download the full publication.

Pillars of our ESG strategy



With respect to nature

Our processes, policies, practices and the impact we have on the natural environment, applicable to both our buildings
and our company.

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Taking care of people

Activities affecting both the internal and external people with whom we interact, applicable within different project phases and in the company.

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The way we’re directed

Organisational structure, transparency, measures, protocols, procedures and formalised governing bodies, roles & responsibilities defining our business nature.

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See in more detail how the ESG strategy influences our daily operations on construction sites and in offices.

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Environmental pillar


Energy performance

We will continue to better our approach in order to deliver and operate buildings that allow our clients to maximise energy efficiency while using them.


Carbon reduction

Our priority is to implement low carbon solutions in all project stages, including design, demolition, construction and operation to decrease the carbon footprint of our projects. Read our 2030 net zero carbon pathway document here

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Water consumption

We’ll continue improving water efficiency through more efficient technologies and fittings implemented in our buildings.

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Waste management

By encouraging good design and construction practices, we aim to minimise waste across our value chain, including building operation.

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Green transport

We support and facilitate green transportation choices by enabling the people working in our buildings and our own employees to use emission-free transportation.

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By creating green infrastructure, we aim to increase the biodiversity around our projects.

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Social pillar


Client engagement

We’ll continue to engage our clients with various events and activities throughout the year to upgrade their experience with and in our buildings.

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Focus on people

Our aim is to design and create all our projects with people at their core and focus on their needs.

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Health and wellbeing

We will ensure our buildings protect health, wellbeing and performance by designing them in line with wellbeing principles.

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We aim to engage and support the communities around our projects in the cities where we live, work and build.

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Employee experience

Our ambition is to provide inspirational projects and tasks that stimulate the growth and development of our employees.

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We’re aiming to protect our employees, contractors and all those who work for us on construction sites by providing them with the right education about safety and securing a safe environment.

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Governance pillar

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Corporate governance

Our ambition is to ensure that the organisation is managed in line with good corporate governance standards.

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Our mindsets

We’re continuously working on increasing the awareness of and promoting the importance of our values – HB Reavis mindsets: passion, entrepreneurship, professionalism, innovativeness, long-term relationships and a focus on people.

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Business ethics

Our aim is for all our employees and key business partners to comply with the principles we stand for as outlined in our Code of Ethics.

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Speak up culture

We aim to foster openness and develop a speak-up culture at our company.

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Supply chain management

We aim to build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on mutual prosperity and trust.

+ More about our approach


Diversity and inclusion

Our ambition is to provide fair working conditions and equal opportunities for everyone throughout the whole employee journey.

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Do our key priorities match?

Take a closer look at what the implementation of the ESG framework means to us.
Explore our aspirations and see if we’re pursuing the same goals.

Download the brochure

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