Qubes are serviced flexible offices at Nivy Tower in Bratislava’s emerging neighbourhood, New Nivy. Three floors fitted with cutting edge design, meeting rooms and private offices, complemented by shared facilities. Whether it’s onsite staff, reception, shared areas, kitchen, printing stations, the private phone booths or a short-term lease offer, everything has the same purpose: to ease your working day.

Are you looking for a space that can be adjusted to your needs and size at short notice? With Qubes, you can adjust the size based on the number of people in your team, bring specific add ons to enhance your company culture and brand the office to your taste.

Benefits & amenities

  • Flexible and customizable office units
  • Short-term lease (6 months’ notice period)
  • Shared common areas (meeting rooms, phone booths)
  • All services included (internet, printing, refreshments, cleaning, security)
  • Parking for cyclists
  • Direct connection to the public transport


  • Size
    31,064 sq ft
  • Capacity
    500 seats


Nivy Tower Mlynské nivy 5 Bratislava, Slovakia


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