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We are an international workspace provider with a mission to create remarkable experiences through real estate solutions. In practice, we invest in, design, build and manage our buildings, from bespoke headquarters and retail malls to co-working spaces. But because we put users and local communities at the heart of every decision, these are also inspiring spaces that enhance productivity and wellbeing.

After delivering 1 million sq m of space since 1993, we now have projects in the UK, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany. Add €1.2 billion of capital, a €7.1 billion pipeline and 800 talented people, and it’s clear we’re shaping Europe’s real estate landscape.

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HubHub offers the full package of co-working space where worlds collide and value is created for all involved. An ecosystem in which all benefit from each other.

HubHub’s relationship with HB Reavis provides opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs to connect with big businesses across multiple territories in an authentic and organic way through our networking and education programs. Thanks to all the experience provided by HB Reavis in the field of real estate, HubHub has really unique background differentiating it from the competition. This reflects directly on the quality of spaces, its designs, and technology used in development.


Origameo designs an employee-focused and evidence based workspace experience tailored to the heart and soul of your business.

At HB Reavis, we are committed to delivering variety and flexibility while designing workspaces that are tailored to the real needs of their future inhabitants. Having the possibility to choose the most suitable space in a beautifully designed, ergonomic & functional environment is what we consider crucial in creating this experience.

HB Reavis Foundation

The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is crucial to our understanding of business. In our language sustainability and responsibility are not just empty phrases. We care about the local communities. And our employees are the ones who truly make that happen!