The Company

HB Reavis is a fully integrated property developer applying a unique and highly successful approach to the complete development chain, from identifying investment opportunity through to the design, construction and management of the resulting standing asset.

Unparalleled amongst Central Europe developers, HB Reavis has successfully launched development activities in the United Kingdom market, with its two flagship projects, 33 Central and 20 Farringdon Street. The Group continues to pursue its successful business strategy focused on strengthening its established presence in Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, while, at the same time, expanding its activities into new markets such as Germany. The strong position of the Group was confirmed in the annual rating carried out by Property EU, placing HB Reavis among the Top 3 office developers across European Union.

Integrated Business Model

Being one of few fully integrated real estate players in Central Europe is a true differentiator. And we do take it seriously: we are curious and passionate about everything that is new, we are open to adapt our work accordingly. That is what makes us a trendsetter in the field.

Development is our core interest, but we strive to go beyond that. Our fully integrated process encompasses all six steps of the development process.

That is how we manage to be in full control and assume overall responsibility for each of our projects.


HubHub offers the full package of co-working space where worlds collide and value is created for all involved. An ecosystem in which all benefit from each other.

With the heart of pioneers, we create the most innovative areas where startups, corporations, investors and enthusiasts can find what they are looking for. Inspired by HB Reavis, we combine the experience and skill of corporations with the innovation, vision and enthusiasm of growing businesses.

We upgraded a local presence to regional. Opening 3 spaces in 3 countries in 24 months. Warsaw and Bratislava are already running and Prague, Budapest and London are about to come. This represents the true value of flexibility and synergy for our customers, as these spaces, seemingly autonomous, allow members to move, businesses to expand, and knowledge and experience to be shared and exchanged.


Origameo designs an employee-focused and evidence based workspace experience tailored to the heart and soul of your business.

At Origameo, we help you get the most out of the experience of relocating to a new space from the day you recognize a need to move until the moment you settle in. Our diverse team consists of designers, architects, social scientists, innovators and business experts. We help you drive communication and employee engagement throughout the entire design process and especially at relocation.

Company Activities

  • Delivered projects
    Expected gross leasable area
  • Office
    735,000 sq m
  • Retail
    152,000 sq m
  • Logistics
    177,000 sq m
  • Total
    1,064,000 sq m

HB Reavis Foundation

The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is crucial to our understanding of business. In our language sustainability and responsibility are not just empty phrases. We care about the local communities. And our employees are the ones who truly make that happen!