You’re always on our mind

We have a confession to make. We’re very people centric. Eh? What the heck are we talking about you wonder? It’s easy. Whatever we do, we bear you in mind. We design workspaces that you are happy spending time at. All that with latest technologies in hand. Sounds good, right?

Do you trust the same?

Right to modern workspace

Every working person has the right to a modern work space that supports personal development, reduces stress and has a positive impact on health.

Thriving business communities

Every company has the right to be a part of a thriving business community that helps them nurture their growth. We have a passion for creating such environments.

Embrace change and free inspiration

Change is nothing we fear, but something we should embrace, we believe the inspiration for change is free and for everyone.



Is a strategic workspace advisory based on extensive data collection to help us develop your space in a way that enhances your productivity. +

smart dashboard


Technology and sensorics platform we use to get insight on how to use space in the most effective way, how our collaborative networks work and what the quality of indoor environment is. +

HB Reavis UK - 39


Offer of events and services, delivering more value to companies and their employees – enhancing talent attraction & retention, improving absenteeism and the personal engagement of employees. +

Empty meeting room in office. Corridor view. Concept of business meeting. Mock up. 3D render.


Our flexible leases and full-service office products will allow you to design and equip the space exactly according to your current situation and adjust it any time. +



Our co-working space with educational possibilities and community, where ideas happen and talent grows. It’s a place providing the opportunity to meet likeminded people and move your business forward. +

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The Company

We design workspaces that enhance people’s wellbeing.

In HB Reavis, we go far beyond the simple promise of making people happy following the wellbeing approach in real estate development.

The synergies of our sub-brands and people centric way of thinking in mind allow us to approach all of our projects holistically and shift us from the role of a classical developer to international workspace provider operating on several European markets: UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Even though we deal with constructions, tons of stone and metal every day, our job goes further. We not only build spaces, we transform them into lively environments supporting communities of any kind and becoming vivid societies themselves. Our buildings are not only shaping the landscape of cities, they bring real value.


Board of Directors

  • Marcel Sedlak
  • Parveen Soebrati
  • Willema de Graf
  • Steven Skinner
  • Ivan Chrenko*
  • Lea Chrenkova*
  • Stefan Stanko
  • Vaclav Matousek
  • Neil Ross
  • Liviu-Constantin Rusu
  • Isabel Schellenberg

*Non-executive Board Members

How is it to work in our Slovak office in Bratislava which enhances productivity and wellbeing?

Take a virtual tour and find out!

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