What we do:

Seek exciting solutions that we can deploy in our projects.

Collaborate with academia, third sector and political institutions in areas of common interest and passion.

Analyze companies with great potential and evaluate investment options.

Gaia Arzilli

Innovations & Partnerships for Europe

Gaia loves to be the connectors between different people, topics, expertise and languages. She is a professional in engagement, strategy, policy and commercial delivery with strong trilingual communication skills and a passion for making a positive difference through her work.

Her career brought her to North America, China, various Latin American countries and different locations in Europe. She is now based in London but travels extensively, scouting innovative concepts and solutions that might help us build healthier, greener and more joyful communities. Reach out to her to find out more.

Michal Paulen

Innovations & Partnerships for Asia

After living in Beijing for seven years and in Hong Kong for another seven years, Michal is now based in Singapore from where he explores the Asian market and seeks new partnerships. With most of PropTech investment going into companies in this region and the lighting fast implementation of new technology and solutions makes this market exciting and one where we will find many companies patners to work with.

Michal will be flying mainly between Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea but if you are anywhere in the region and want to speak to us, reach out to him! Michal’s prior professional experience was mainly in management consulting, working on projects across multiple industries in both Europe and Asia.

Our main areas of interest:

Smart building and Smart City

Big Data and Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Work Flow Management

BIM and 3D Modelling

Urban Mobility

New materials and 3D Printing

Pre-fabrication and Modular Building

Geolocation and Location Analytics

Robotics and VR/AR

New Real Estate Concepts

Venture into Proptech: a digital competition to select the best proptech startups we will deploy in 2020

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