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We’re ready to welcome you on board to help you in these challenging times. You probably already know we’re an international workspace provider. However, what you may not know is that our team comes from all over Europe, not just Slovakia. We all speak English together, and our offices are a safe and fun place to work!


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Workspace you want to spend time in

Our offices are healthy (one of them is even in the top 10 healthiest in Europe with its WELL Platinum certificate!) and supportive. We’re pioneers of smart workspace technologies (how does entering the office without the need of looking for a physical card sound?), and our teams know how to design every square metre to support productivity.

Enough talking, take a walk around our workspace in Bratislava

and see for yourself!

Attitude on point: open culture

Creating projects that change huge pulsing cities requires us all to pull together. Even though we speak different languages (but English together) and come from various backgrounds, we all share a common mindset: we’re passionate, professional, we always talk straight, and people and their needs are at the centre of everything we do. Hold on!
The key one’s missing: good old creativity! It definitely takes some of that to design offices for future decades.

I want to be part of this!

What to expect

We have a simple, seven-step, talent acquisition process.

1. Apply

Once you find the right opportunity, fill in the application form and attach your CV. You can also add your LI profile – double check if your digital CV is up to date.

2. Message

Treat the ‘Message’ box as a space to amaze us – tell us what your superpower is, but we appreciate your honesty more than shiny statements. We’ll send you a confirmation email, then, if we think you might be a good fit, we’ll set up your first talk.

3. First talk

This will likely be with one of our Talent Acquisition Partners – well, innovation is part of our DNA so the talk could be over video call, on the phone, or in person. It’s a chance for you to discuss your interests and ambitions – and get an idea of what we’re like as a business.

4. Interview

Get through to the next stage, and you’ll meet your future leader. You will have time to talk in-depth about your experiences, skills, and career aspirations. Naturally, we’ll tell you what you can expect from the role, both day-to-day and long-term.

5. Time to appraise your strengths and meet your teammates

What happens next depends on the type of role and level of seniority. Your future leader might ask you to complete a piece of work to see how you would approach a particular task. Or, we could invite you in to meet some of your potential teammates.

6. We said yes (or next time)

Hopefully, you land the role, and we make you an offer as soon as we can. But whatever the decision, we’ll give you feedback on how you did throughout the process. Why? Because we appreciate your time and effort and you never know what kind of opportunities the future could bring.

7. “Veni, vidi, vici”

Once you’ve accepted the offer, we’ll start your onboarding. Your leader and teammates will do their best to help you settle in quickly, and we’ll make sure all the necessities and your inspiring workspace is ready for you upon your arrival.

Looking for something else?

If HB Reavis does not have relevant positions available at this time but you would like to express your interest in working with us in the future, please feel free to send us your resume.

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