Facility Manager


Polska / Warsaw / HB Reavis


Market overview and creation of FM concept:

- Maintains active contact with the Facility Management (FM) market; monitors competitors, suppliers, maintains active contact with partners/suppliers.
- Prepares and updates the facility management concept within the HB REAVIS group as needed; actively creates and regularly optimizes processes

Managing projects in administration:

- Secures the process of tendering for services and products needed to operate projects from tender to conclusion of contracts with suppliers.
- Secures the management of deliveries and checks utility consumption
- Prepares materials for the Asset Manager needed for tendering purposes
- Secures construction deliveries/construction changes and feasibility analysis for administration purposes through the Administration Construction Managers
- Secures and supervises proper technical and operational modes of projects in administration through the Technical Managers with respect to both tenants and visitors
- Secures and supervises the security of projects in administration through Security Specialists in terms of the protection of property and the protection of tenants/visitors

Participation in preparations and execution of projects in development:

- Participates and cooperates upon request in project preparations for new projects in development (technology, layouts, etc.) with the goal of securing optimum conditions for subsequent administration of the buildings
- Provides consultation for Trades Managers upon request
- Secures and supervises records of claims and consults with management in the Construction Department


- Secures and supervises the archiving of project documentation (PD) and related physical and electronic documentation (DMS)
- Secures and manages the process of planning operating costs/utility consumption at the agreed level of quality
- Secures and supervises the process of approving payment for received invoices and for following agreed procedures (controlling equipment purchases, etc.)
- Secures the process of proposing repairs and other work with the Technical Managers



  • Minimum 4-6 years of experience in Facility Management
  • Experience in project assessment and skills in drawing analyzes
  • Strong Technical knowledge ( HVAC or electrical)
  • Management of service contracts and the warranty terms and conditions


  • University-level education with a major in construction/technical studies

Języki obce

  • Very good English in speaking and writing

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