What should your workspace do for you? We believe that every working person has the right to a modern workspace that supports personal development, reduces stress and has a positive impact on health. Thus, we have wrapped all our efforts around people-centric design. How can we make sure we are meeting the requirements?

We became a founding member of the Well Living Lab so we can source our knowledge and consult with top experts in the field about our solutions. As proof of our efforts, for our projects we seek to receive Well Certification by the WELL Building Standard which verifies the quality of the space and its ability to positively impact wellbeing and productivity.

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On the wave of WELL

Our Varso Tower is the first WELL precertified building in CEE and the whole Varso Place aspires to be awarded WELL once completed. At the moment, 19 of our projects are applying for this human-focused certification, out of which, 6 have already been given a precertification pass.



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3 projects


1 project


7 projects


2 projects


3 projects


3 projects

WELL forever and ever?

Independent third-party on-site verification

Ongoing monitoring

Recertification every 3 years

WELL Certification is not infinite. After the project/building is verified by the independent assessor and receives certification, regular monitoring and reporting begins. If the building wants to be considered healthy, it must undergo recertification after 3 years. To keep our buildings on track, our team and a bunch of technologies keep an eye on air, water and light, among many others aspects.

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Productive people are in healthy buildings

We believe that quality space should enhance people’s health and wellbeing, so we want to know which indoor features have the biggest impact on them, quantify them and figure out the right solutions. With all of these things in mind, we are not only able to contribute to wellbeing, but also to productivity.

Therefore, we have teamed up with the Well Living Lab. The Well Living Lab is the first scientific research centre of its kind that studies the relationship between indoor environments and human health and wellbeing. As a founding member of the Lab, we have access to the Lab’s findings and can consult with their first-rate experts about our ideas and solutions in order to design truly effective workspaces that respond to real people’s needs.

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What makes this concept unique?

Variable testing premises

The Lab’s testing premises are adjustable – office, apartments and hotel rooms, all equipped with high-end technologies and sensors.

Changes over time

Changes are made to the spaces, they are observed, the conditions are controlled and valuable data is collected.

Work shadowing

People come to the Lab to perform their regular work activities or simply to live there.

Real-time outputs

Scientists receive real-time results which are very likely to be similar to real life conditions. Their results are the cornerstones of our solutions.

Wellbeing enhanced HB Reavis buildings


CO2 could be the real enemy at work. It can make you feel more tired and distracted.

Thus, we toil to achieve the optimal indoor air quality by reducing pollutants through filtration, insulation and purification. We monitor ventilation effectiveness, humidity levels and detect any mould intending to take root in our buildings. On top of that, smoking is not welcome inside our buildings.


Dehydration comes as a threat too. It is responsible for immediate memory loss and strikes at the most inconvenient moments.

We provide safe and clean water through systems that undergo regular quality testing and ensure the availability of clean water to all the people using our buildings throughout the day.


It's confirmed: your eating habits have a direct impact on your performance.

Unhealthy eating is linked to a 66% reduction in productivity. We ensure that people have easy access to variety of fresh, wholesome food in our buildings to encourage better eating habits.


Spending your working days in an environment similar to a basement?

Then say goodbye to less than outstanding results and switch environments. To minimise disruption to our natural clock we apply illumination guidelines which show a boost in productivity by up to 10%.

Active Design (Fitness)

Staying fit is the best gift you can give yourself.

Did you know that just 5 minutes of exercise can bring about as much as a 49% reduction in headaches, neck, shoulder and lower back pain? We support the seamless integration of exercise into everyday life by providing active design, bicycle storage and education about leading an active live and its importance.


Green, plants, biophilia. All of these play a prime role in our design because nature is just as important now as it was to our ancestors

Employees with views of greenery or working in a space with lots of plants are happier and more focused than those who don’t. So stand up and take a 40 second micro break to regain your focus.


Thousands of people suffer from ringing ears because of excessive workplace noise.

In our workspaces we establish requirements to create a distraction-free, productive and comfortable indoor environment which includes thermal controls, accessible design and noise prevention from outside and between rooms.