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Warsaw, Poland
A short break in a busy workday? How about immersing yourself in lush greenery on a public patio or a rooftop garden overlooking the city skyline? Why not! Whether you're part of the Forest campus office community, a neighbour or just passing by - you're more than welcome.
Gross leasable area
71,000 sq m 765,000 sq ft
5,000 sq m 54,000 sq ft
Concept architects
HRA Architekci
Lease options
Traditional Leasing
This is Forest

A green workplace that connects all generations

Forest is a perfectly organised green office campus equipped with new technologies that promote the wellbeing and productivity of its community.
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Features you’ll love
Biophilic design that makes you feel well
A public green patio and rooftop gardens for meeting and relaxing
Conveniently located campus-style workspace
WELL, WELL Health & Safety, BREEAM, BREEAM Communities and Building Without Barriers certified
This is a must see!

Discover the greenest office campus

A place with a vibe much different from typical business districts
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Eye-pleasing greenery
Forest’s atmosphere, which is created by numerous plant species inside the building and on the patio and terraces, is conducive to combining work with relaxation surrounded by nature.
A tailor-made office design
It offers endless possibilities to customise workspace to meet the needs of even the most demanding organisations.
Wellbeing and a healthy environment are guaranteed
Certified by WELL, WELL Health & Safety and Building Without Barriers - this ensures the good health and wellbeing of its users
An eco-friendly workplace
Energy-efficient systems optimise heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation and water intake. Forest scored well in BREEAM and BREEAM Communities’ systems.


Burakowska 14
01-066 Warsaw

Hear from the businesses working at Forest?

Location: Forest Open gallery

Hear from the businesses working at Forest?

Forest campus prides itself on lots of greenery around and on rooftops of its buildings. What else influenced Sweco to choose Forest for its new office in Warsaw?

"Forest has excellent location and access to public transport. It also attracts with its design and attention to detail, materials, biophilic approach and lush greenery. Besides, we wanted to have an office in a certified building. Preferably one that we assessed ourselves. This way we were certain that its standard is really at the highest level."

Marcin Gawroński

Green Building Department Director at Sweco Polska


Enjoy the space!

Urban garden

On the roof, everyone can spend their time as they like - one way is to grow herbs and vegetables in our urban garden.

View points

The view of Warsaw’s skyline from the green Powązki district is exceptional! The photos from our terrace are remarkable.

Services & facilities

The first floor of the campus is a retail and service area that offers a cafe, a restaurant, a medical centre, a preschool and a convenience store, all in addition to an outdoor store and a furniture showroom.

Renowned architects

HRA Architekci - With a skilful combination of architectural, urban planning, social, economical, cultural and environmental considerations, the studio creates buildings and briefs that can be seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric.

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Leasing options at Forest

At each site we offer variety of lease options. Just pick one that fits your needs or let us know and our representative will help you decide.

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