Headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration. These are a few of the symptoms some of us suffer from every day in the office. But we’ve got some good news for you – it probably isn`t your fault! It could be as simple as a missing element from a healthy office.

We aim to apply WELL Certification to our projects in the future through the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) and its WELL Building Standard™ (WELL), which is the first building standard to focus on enhancing people’s health and wellbeing through the built environment. But in the meantime we would like to show you 7 basic elements which, when carefully combined together, will bring you healthy, productive days in the office.

1. AIR

You know that feeling. Just 4 hours into your day. You start getting tired. Your eyelids start drooping and you have to fight your inner self to finish even the simplest tasks. But hey, stay calm. It’s probably not your fault and instead related to the CO2 levels in the office.

We create an optimal indoor air quality to support the health and well-being of the building’s occupants by reducing the pollutants through filtration, insulation, and purification. We also put our effort into monitoring the ventilation effectiveness and humidity as well as mold control. Smoking is banned in all our buildings.


It’s your moment to shine. The time has come to present your ideas to the team, ideas that would ensure a bright future for the whole company. But for some reason, you just can’t remember what happened 2 minutes ago. It happens to the best of us, champ. Even a 2% dehydration could lead to a loss of immediate memory skills.

We provide safe and clean water through systems which undergo regular quality testing and ensure the availability of clean water to tenants throughout the day.


Your heartbeat goes up and you start sweating. You’re standing at your local canteen, staring at the menu, forced to make a difficult choice. The clock is ticking. You choose either fried chicken or fish and chips. Well, good luck maintaining the quality and speed of your work after this meal! Unhealthy eating is linked to a 66% reduction in productivity. You know what they say; an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

We ensure the availability of fresh, wholesome food within the office and limit unhealthy snacks. By providing information such as sugar levels, artificial ingredients and nutritional information, we aim to encourage better eating habits.


If you spend 8 hours a day in a room more reminiscent of a basement than an office, we’ve got some advice for you. Change your work environment ASAP! A lack of natural light during your day means you can forget about achieving shining results from your hard work.

We apply illumination guidelines to minimise disruption to the body’s Circadian system. The application of these guidelines shows a boost to people productivity by up to 10%.


Was listening to your colleague talking about the benefits of Crossfit the closest you got to working out? If so, it’s time to raise the alarm! Make a change by giving yourself the gift of exercise for just 5 minutes a day. You’ll get as much as a 49% reduction in headaches, neck, shoulder and lower back pain as a result.

We allow for the seamless integration of exercise into everyday life by providing active design, bicycle storage and educating people on the importance of training.


Are you qualified in traffic monitoring thanks to hearing every single vehicle pass by your office window? According to recent studies 17,000 UK citizens suffer from ringing ears due to excessive workplace noise. Time to change your job? Maybe it’s just a matter of your office space.

We establish requirements to create a distraction-free, productive and comfortable indoor environment which includes thermal controls, accessible design and noise prevention from outside and between rooms.


Buildings, walls, highways, cars… Did we just describe the view from your office? Let us throw one simple fact at you; after a 40-second micro break, people who see greenery instead of plain concrete demonstrate higher concentration levels.

People, when provided with a natural view, tend to be happier during their working day. We ensure mental wellbeing through the design of our buildings, which includes the right ceiling height, adaptable spaces and natural beauty.