Our UK CEO Steven Skinner talks about developers’ roles in delivering exceptional workplaces in the latest @siliconrounduk blog.

The expectations of the individuals who use workspace have become far more refined. As a society we are becoming increasingly demanding about all other aspects of our lives – from creating the perfect home and vibrant social life, to the food we eat. So naturally, we are demanding more from the spaces we work in too.

How we design, build and use workspace is changing. Fact. How developers go about this successfully is still very much up for debate

Employees are demanding more than just better spaces and facilities. They want direct access to information relating to the space they’re working in, from the amount of fresh air or natural light available, to the provision for healthy foods, access to regular exercise and the ability to work from multiple locations. There is also a much greater want and need to create a sense of community in their place of work, along with a deeper commitment towards sustainability.

At HB Reavis, this has been achieved through commitment to the end user – from ensuring our buildings target WELL Certification, to ensuring the working environment is as healthy as possible – and simple things like creating spaces that people actually want to spend their time.


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Steven Skinner

CEO, HB Reavis UK

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