How about a new Forest in the city? All of us love to have a stroll in the park, so we, at HB Reavis, wanted to bring greenery back to the people and build our new Polish project around nature.

Fauna will play a prime role in our solutions at Burakowska 14 with vast green areas to support the well-being of all the people using the area.One can either walk around the patio covered in mature trees and bushes or relax next to the pond.

We also thought about the busy days one may easily experience at work and that is why our project is planned to have lots of balconies, loggias and roof terraces to soothe your nerves.

An after work workout would be easily accessible at the running facilities or the outdoor gym. For those interested in gardening, the community greenhouses are set to be cared for.

The workspace is designed to satisfy various needs of employees coming to the area (easily via well-connected public transport) and support their productivity and health while at work.

For more information, please contact:

Marta Pośniak
PR Manager, HB Reavis Poland
+48 600 912 196

Przemysław Polak
PR Manager, biuro PR
+48 505 126 184

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