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An interactive space plan at your fingertips

Our detailed 3D virtual office model puts the Symbiosy in your hands, helping you see how spaces are used and how your people behave – before we advise on changes that increase their performance and wellbeing.

Occupancy & Booking

Never enough meeting rooms?
Collecting relevant data is the shortest way to the most effective usage of meeting rooms and a good base for planning new ones, if necessary.

Indoor air quality

Want to be sure your employees work under the best circumstances?
Productivity and innovation grow under the proper workspace conditions.
Several teams within HB Reavis are ready to help you with this.

Outdoor air pollution

Interested in protecting your people from poor air quality?
Simple precautions at the right times help keep your staff in a healthy environment. Is the level of pollution outside too high? Keep the windows closed and reduce your duties outside.

Travel times

Got a business trip to go on?
Check travel times to the airport or train station with the current traffic situation and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Unique data collection to make your space healthy & productive

Unique data collection & its professional interpretation help us to provide remarkable experiences through building and make spaces predictive and proactive.

Everything begins with dozens of sensors and technologies installed in the right places.

Why Symbiosy

Utilisation insights

• Compare design intent versus real-life usage
• Enable diverse workstyles based on space utilisation
• Improve flexibility and the speed of space activation

Environmental insights

• Identify and predict anomalies & patterns
• Monitor and improve office environments
• Boost employee health and productivity

Interaction insights

• Understand the dynamics of your organisation
• Explore company networks & relationships
• Enable value creation through space


To make the most of our Symbiosy workplace solutions, we always recommend our sensor systems. They monitor and evaluate your space, from the way users move around and use the space to collaborations between departments. The resulting data is then used to design further space adjustments.


Seamless Journey

Removes obstacles and distractions from everyday working life.


Space Experience

Creates the perfect environment tailored to individual users’ needs.


Virtual Office Model

Connects users on business and personal levels, enhancing social interactions.


Analytics & Insights

Gathers knowledge on space and employees to drive further improvements.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Don’t know what space would work best for you?

We create your perfect workspace based on our holistic methods and a business with 25 years of real estate experience.

You’re stuck in the middle of a complex transformation?

Our solutions can be implemented at speed, giving you pre and post-transformation diagnostics and insights that improve your people’s effectiveness.

You’ve been offered too many generic solutions?

Our in-house workplace consultants tailor our services and products to your business. You’ll only be presented with solutions that deliver value for money.

Don’t have time for beta solutions?

You’ll be offered proven, technologically agnostic hardware and software. Everything has been tested, fine-tuned and is ready to be deployed.

Want to focus on business, not on your workspace?

With technologists, designers, workplace consultants, psychologists and other experts, we can design, deliver and project manage your workspace, end-to-end.

You dream about giving your colleagues a seamless office experience?

We’ll help you create a space that’s completely people-centric. By regularly releasing new features and testing products with end users, we make the most of your feedback, new innovations and the ever-evolving market needs.

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