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Increasing the value of our projects by creating and retaining great client relationships, understanding and defining needs of retailers and end users (visitors, office employees, etc.), creating and continuously shaping our products and finding ways how to achieve set goals including delivering a remarkable retail tenant mix to our projects.

You work within the Retail Leasing Department on delivering value to our projects by executing necessary activities aimed at leasing our retail spaces both in our Office projects as well as dedicated Retail Projects, such as Aupark Hradec Kralove.
The leasing activities are to be executed in such a manner as to achieve desired leasing goals in leasing time, volume, rental income and especially tenant quality.
You work with the retail and office leasing teams and asset management teams on delivering the planned value proposition of each project.
You will gather continuously our internal knowledge and will be part of team’s focus on definition the value and the requirements for our new retail projects and mixed used projects (office segment). Your work plays important role on good definition of the content of one of the key elements to provide the best value and experience for our customers.
As Retail Leasing Manager you also work also on miscellaneous projects focused on our vision to bring remarkable experience to people’s lives.
Outcomes of your work will improve the value of our projects.

It is expected that you become a Senior Retail Leasing Manager within 2 years


Contact with the market, knowledge of retail environment issues, knowledge of the project, consulting activity (in the process of development and property management)
o Has a good overview of the retail market in the country of work (tenants, competition), as well as current trends and has an active contact with the market (i.e. participates in conferences/exhibitions/workshops, proactively communicates with the retailers, leasing/letting managers of other developer companies, agents, monitors and visits shopping centers, knows their results).
o Knows the needs and basic principles of retail operation in general, i.e. dispositions, art and rules of branch and branch mix creation, impact of the location, basics of marketing communication, technical aspects of shopping center functioning etc.
o Knows the leased project and mainly its positioning, strengths and weaknesses, specific aspects of the local shopping behavior, sales, tenants, marketing center, broader relationships – traffic accessibility, parking etc.
o Collaborates (on request) in the process of retail concept creation, co-creation of positioning, branch mix and leasing plan.
o Provides consultations for the property management when exchanging tenants, modifying branch/branch mix, developing welcome attitude, retail marketing etc.

Planning & Reporting
o Creates retail in office and retail business plans, which include retail value proposition, tenant mix, rental income and contributions plan
o Plans necessary steps aimed at achieving goals, such as marketing and client development strategies

Client hunting and marketing of projects
o Actively creates and maintains relationships (searches for new ways), contacts retailers, including the existing tenants, acquires information about their short/long-term needs and plans, receives feedback, informs them about projects and possibilities for cooperation, and creates a base for further cooperation.
o Records and processes the acquired information in a defined way.
o Offers suitable retailers to the property managers according to their preference and needs (with regards to the current market possibilities).

Negotiation of business conditions and closing agreements
o Independently negotiates business conditions of the lease (financial and non-financial) considering our interests, leasing plan in the development or order of the property manager of the given project, finds creative solutions and concludes agreements in adequate time and with expected parameters.
o Negotiates business conditions using suitably chosen means and intensity, considering the need for building long-term relationships with retailers and the good name of our company.
o Agrees on the wording of the lease agreements so as to consider the possibilities/needs and processes in all involved departments (e.g. legal, accounting, invoicing, construction…).

Cooperation during the fit-out phase – tenant activation
o Knows the processes during the fit-out phase on the part of the tenant as well as on the part of HBR, is interested in the current state of the assigned case, actively communicates with the tenant, if needed he urges the tenant and shares information with project team members.

Documenting of business cases and reporting
o Systematically records documentation and information concerning the lease agenda and uses CRM in the agreed scope for record keeping.
o Updates data in relevant databases and reports in the agreed scope and time.

Managerial Skills
o Initiative and activity – is constantly engaged and sensitive to the happening around him/her, is aware of the goal of what he is doing and directs his steps to this goal.
o Team play – understands the goals of his team and his role within the company; cooperates with his colleagues within his department as well as other departments; takes up responsibility when fulfilling the tasks and does not rely on the other passively; if needed he is able to help colleagues; he does not prefer personal benefit to the interests of his team and the whole company.
o Negotiation – can provide arguments extraordinarily well having a significant impact on and authority with business partners. He understands the phenomena and connections, foresees consequences, constantly learns from experiences and remembers key data.
o Ethics – following of company rules, his behavior shows respect for colleagues, business partners and promotes good name of his employer.



  • Minimum 2 years of experience that may include any of the following:
    o Retail leasing
    o Shopping center management


  • Fluent English and Czech language

Ostatní dovednosti

  • Mindset
    o Goal Setting
    o Positive and proactive
    o Customer orientation
    o Adaptability - fitting into the culture
  • Soft skills
    o A great feeling for design & architecture
    o Creativity and innovation
    o Win Win negotiator
    o Ability to perceive environment and change it for better
    o Humancentric approach
    o Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
    o Mathematical skills
    o Ability to explore and analyze needs of our customers / stakeholders using discussion, surveying
    o Presentation and communication skills
    o Ability to “sell”, argument and sustain proposed solutions to stakeholders thus promoting better understanding and expertise outside of our department
    o Ability to think and act independently
    o Good understanding of business environment

  • Advanced MS Excel proficiency

  • Basic other MS Office products profficiency

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