Thinking about redesigning, transforming or relocating your office?

You’re not alone in having questions about how to do it correctly.


of our clients want to know if closed or open offices work better for them


seek advice on how to organise teams in the office


are confused about the ideal number and sizes of meeting rooms


appreciate advice on how to set up a well-functioning home office strategy


want to know how to optimise workspace for remote working

Let us guide you

Designing a new space, adjusting the work culture to be more open to working from home and mapping your
company’s needs before moving to a new location can simply be overwhelming. Building your new optimal
workspace together takes the stress off your shoulders.

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Pick & choose or full service

 Call us just when you need us or simply let us take over the whole process of office optimisation.
Enjoy our services no matter if you’re currently based in one of our buildings or not.

Our key skills


Workspace consultancy

✓ workspace analysis
✓ workspace strategy development
✓ home office strategy
✓ smart office design, delivery, service and data interpretation
✓ architects coordination


Space planning & Design

✓ measurement of current state
✓ space plan creation
✓ workspace design study
✓ project documentation


Fit-out management

✓ consultations & management
✓ interior design and office fit-out (tenders, logistics, installation)

Smartly designed offices can do wonders.
Dont miss out on their benefits.

In-depth knowledge and experience

To develop a workspace strategy that reflects what you and your team really need, we use our Space and Experience Toolkit.
It’s a database of over 300 features from which we choose the best combination to make your office as efficient as possible.

Step by step to your new office

Time to take a break. Take comfort knowing we’re by your side every single stage of redesigning
or relocating your current workspace.
We rely on data, which defines how your office will look.

We collect, analyse and interactively report it throughout the whole process.
To make sure your workspace is always ahead of your competitors’, we employ the latest smart technologies
in every office design.


Our clients

Making these brands’ teams feel well and productive

We’ve been in fit-out management for more than 20 years and provided consultancy for over 5. You can rely on our expertise gained across different industries and countries. No matter how big we grow, well always reflect and respect your specific needs in every office design.

Read the story of Resco  Watch Resco’s journey 


We can help you answer questions about
office relocation and fit-out

Reach out and start making informed and self-confident decisions.

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