Our Varso Place is credible, even among the banks, and was granted a record setting €350 million real estate loan in the Polish market for the development of the three Varso buildings.

Not only will Varso Place be located in a prime location just next to Warsaw Central Station and main city roads, new cycling infrastructure is planned too. With great connectivity comes an increased demand for various space purposes.

At HB Reavis, we believe that our projects should actively contribute to the well-being of all visitors, hence amenities from different areas will complement the neighbourhood: modern offices, a hotel, a walkway lined with shops and restaurants, and for leisure time: a fitness club and a health centre.

If we haven’t persuaded you yet, a public observation deck offering a view of the city is planned. The Varso Place project is scheduled to be finished within a 2-year horizon.

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For more information, please contact:

Marta Pośniak
PR Manager, HB Reavis Poland
+48 600 912 196

Przemysław Polak
PR Manager, biuro PR
+48 505 126 184

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