Varso Place is growing right before our eyes and attracting more and more tenants that are concerned about people’s well-being.

Our notion at HB Reavis is that every working person has the right to a healthy workspace which supports personal development and reduces stress. We believe in communities and want to play an active role in both businesses as well as local ones. On account of that, we have become a founding member of the Well Living Lab. The Lab inspects how indoor environments impact human health. Our solutions for our projects are the manifesto of the knowledge gained.

We are really pleased that our efforts are recognised and bear fruit already – Varso Place is expected to house players that continue to be more and more in line with a popular healthy lifestyle and people’s wellbeing.

A two-storey Zdrofit fitness club with its gym and classes is planned to be based in the middle building to serve all the active people from the neighbourhood. If someone is worried about their health, they could take advantage of the check-ups provided at the health centre PZU Zdrowie. Civilisation disease tests are included and test for such things as heart problems, spine issues or even stress levels.

If you’re only visiting for a short time, Varso Place can become your temporary home too thanks to the first Polish NYX Hotel. At the top of the Varso Tower, the observation deck will open its arms to all, either at the signature restaurant or at the bar in around two years.

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For more information, please contact:

Marta Pośniak
PR Manager, HB Reavis Poland
+48 600 912 196

Wojciech Gurak
PR Manager, biuro PR
+48 505 926 778

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