Inspired by the flow of water from the River Fleet that runs beneath Farringdon, the lighting feature ‘Submotion’ drifts through 20 Farringdon Street, the latest scheme from international workspace provider HB Reavis. Working in collaboration with architects Denton Corker Marshall and HB Reavis’ in-house teams, Submotion has been designed by art and design studio Acrylicize.

Emanating from the entrance numbers that sit above the entrance portal on the façade, the 650 light batons gently pulse as if inspired by the movement of water, guiding visitors on a journey through the reception and beyond. This carefully considered piece also has the option of being set to a continual, steady glow of light, which reflects Farringdon’s perpetual flow of energy and movement, echoing the motion of passers-by outside. The light installation continues into the building’s core as it pours through the stairwells, encouraging visitors to be led by foot to their destination.

Zoe Allen, Director of Acrylicize states: “We love schemes that enable a deeper and more holistic approach to artwork; we have therefore been delighted to work with such a forward-thinking client to achieve a truly innovative result.”

“Our bespoke light feature at 20 Farringdon Street incorporates the facade and signage of the building together with a wayfinding system of its eleven-story stairwell. The art piece has aided the energy flow of the building and the architectural designs and artwork beautifully complement each other. The result is a truly original space; narrating the building’s proximity to the River Fleet and informing the wider visual brand of the building identity through the signage and wayfinding.”

Liam Dillon, Development Manager at HB Reavis, says: “The lighting installation combines signage and artwork to give our central London office scheme, 20 Farringdon Street, a dynamic yet subtle signature. Acrylicize have done a great job of reflecting our vision for a flexible, contemporary and tech-enabled workplace.”

20 Farringdon Street, the third and latest completed central London development for HB Reavis, benefits from six external terraces on the top three floors, facial recognition technology and a dedicated entrance for cyclists located just off the Cycle Superhighway.

About Acrylicize
An award-winning studio of artists, designers and craftsmen, disrupting both the traditional art world model and accepted notions of branding. By playing in the space between Art and Design, Acrylicize tell the unique stories of global clients, creating bespoke artworks that champion the concept: ‘art as identity’.

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