The first leg of our BREEAM Communities campaign centred around community life and good neighbourly relations. We reached out to people and businesses residing in the vicinity of Bratislava’s newly emerging commercial and housing zone which is home to our New Nivy (Nove Nivy) complex. The communication towards local residents as well as new people coming to work or seeking housing here was driven by local micro-influencers who live here.

The aim was to inspire and ask for people’s ideas and best practices on how to build a good and prospering community. We wanted them to share their thoughts on how to foster friendly and heartfelt relations with others living or working in the same neighbourhood.

Out of the many ideas that people submitted to the campaign microsite, most of them – too many, unsurprisingly – referred to everyday and seemingly mundane things and unwritten community rules. It’s really simple stuff that anyone could start practicing any day without further ado or preparation.

Having sorted all people’s tips and ideas into logical clusters, these are the results…



Well, what is it that we have learned from local people about good communities then?

Modern quality infrastructure, well-designed and meaningful public spaces serving different generations and purposes, ample choice of community amenities, interesting commercial infrastructure and respect for local nature and the microclimate certainly make for a solid community foundation. Yet, what really makes the change is the day-to-day courtesy, respect and politeness we share with our neighbours and thus pass on to others both within and outside the community.

This is what actually makes us feel well in a place where we live or work and allows us the space to develop a true attachment to a community. A truly good community.

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