Two key factors for reducing the risk of viral transmission in the workplace



Governing bodies are publishing new guidance for safe density levels in the workplace. How do you show that your company is following the guidelines?



Coronavirus particles can remain airborne for hours after they are released, meaning disinfecting surfaces simply isn’t enough. What methods will you use to reduce the risk of airborne infection?



How we can help?

Enable social distancing

Empower employees with data of how their office space is being used.

Social distancing is at the heart of all organisations’ re-entry strategy.

Symbiosy can empower people to work in a safer & healthier way through live and historical workplace density data. People can then decide where and when they want to work in the office through open access to density insights.



Ensure excellent air quality

Reduce the risk of airborne transmission.

Understanding the effectiveness of your ventilation system is key in verifying cleanliness and building trust in the workplace environment.

Symbiosy has developed a series of bespoke health performance indicators to provide facilities management and building occupiers with tools to improve transparency.

Air auality measurement by Symbiosy

Our solutions

We’re keen to get people returning to the office in a safe & healthy way.
Here’s how we can support through varied levels of infrastructure and investment


Safe & Healthy: entry-level solution

Workplace density counts based on existing CCTV infrastructure

Air quality insights for FM actions

Bespoke health performance indicators

Low cost and quick lead times

Deployable by existing IT teams

No cabling work required


Safe & Healthy: premium solution

Provides the ability to accurately contact trace across the workplace

Granular density monitoring and social distancing alert system

Cleaning services verification and monitoring

Automated air quality optimisation

Contactless movement throughout the building using mobile access control

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to your workplace beyond the crisis

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Dashboards & devices

All Symbiosy solutions use an integrated approach and the outputs, including dashboards and space heatmaps, which can be shown on any device, including common area digital signage and within a mobile or PC-hosted web browser.

One Waterloo

Symbiosy is part of HB Reavis’ new services

HB Reavis is an international workspace provider

Developing 5 out of the 10 largest office schemes in Europe

More than 25 years of international real estate experience

Fuses a wellbeing and people-centric approach to workplace design

Symbiosy is HB Reavis’ in-house created workplace technology solution

Committed to data security

Symbiosy’s Safe & Healthy package is fully anonymous – so, no personal data is captured or stored at any time.
The Premium Workplace solution has successfully undergone rigorous GDPR compliance testing.

Premium Workplace – User Privacy Protection (GDPR):

Restricted access to personal data
No analysis of personal data
No individual-level data is provided to superiors/managers/colleagues
No tracking occurs outside of the workplace
No data is stored from sensitive areas like bathrooms
Microsoft Azure hosted on European Servers

Compliant with GDPR & does not display individual-level data

How do you store my data?

Like many other large organisations, we store and process data on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We use Microsoft Azure infrastructure that is physically based in Europe.

Is my personal data safe?

We do our best to protect your personal data. Access to personal data is audited and restricted to system administrators.

Are Symbiosy Insights compliant with GDPR?

Symbiosy Insights are compliant with GDPR and we regularly update our policies according to the instructions from the Data Privacy Officer.

Who can see my data?

Symbiosy Insights displays team and department-level data and no individual data is shown on any report. Personal data is occasionally processed by the system administrator, but it cannot be seen by colleagues or superiors.

Where is my position tracked?

Data on indoor positioning is tracked within the workspace except for sensitive areas, like bathrooms.

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