At Varso Place, we like to use technologies to speed up the construction process while ensuring quality and compliance with green building standards. One of these technologies is prefabrication, i.e. making large building components at dedicated industrial plants. Our flagship project in Warsaw saw prefabrication being used on a truly epic scale.

While the idea of prefabrication has been around for centuries, new technologies have taken it to the next level. We installed more than 300 prefabricated bathrooms in Varso Place, the future home to Poland’s first NYX hotel! They were transported to the site straight from a plant in Podlasie, northeastern Poland. Fully furnished and fitted, they were simply hooked up to the building services. Can you imagine? It’s like installing built-in wardrobes.

This is one of the largest projects involving such prefabricated units in Poland. Don’t forget to check out the video of how they were made.

Prefabrykowane łazienki w Varso Place

Czy wiecie, co to jest prefabrykacja? To wytwarzanie dużych elementów budynków metodą przemysłową. Powstają w specjalnych fabrykach, a gotowe trafiają na plac budowy 👨‍🔧🚚🏗️👷‍♂️🏬 Idea ta była znana już w starożytności, ale nowoczesne technologie pozwalają wznieść ją na nowy poziom. W #Varso Place zainstalowaliśmy ponad 300 prefabrykowanych łazienek 🛁🚿 Zobaczcie, jak to wyglądało.

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We are using even more prefabricated elements. The construction site of Varso Place is full of prefabricated reinforced stairways and so called concrete edge beams. Our engineers are also fabricating reinforced steel walls and columns. All to have full control over the quality of these building “blocks” that are towers are made of.

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