Every day, people living in the largest cities spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. So it is no wonder that three in every four people asked about a perfect office respond that it should be located next to a park or another outdoor green area. Our latest Warsaw project – the Forest office campus – is heavily inspired by nature, following the philosophy of biophilic design.

When we surveyed a few hundred office workers in Warsaw, as many as 72% of the respondents said they like to spend their breaks in a green space while 70% appreciate the opportunity to spend this time on a green patio or terrace on the roof of their office building. Forest is an ideal response to these needs, with a connecting courtyard and green recreation areas the size of two football pitches to be built between our buildings. The project will see us plant more than 400 trees and shrubs.

Biophilic buildings can positively affect people’s health in many different ways. First, they help them regenerate faster and restore full cognitive ability. This is especially important for people who deal with many routine tasks on a daily basis. Second, they improve our mental well-being, helping reduce stress levels. Finally, they work wonders for the body, including the respiratory and cardiovascular system as well as all our senses.

Forest will be a place where modern business meets nature in the best way possible!

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