When building new business districts community inclusion is crucial. Our Agora Budapest has become the first commercial building in Hungary to be given BREEAM Communities precertification.

It’s our core belief that business districts should interconnect and advance both business and the local community. Today, we celebrate the first success of Agora Budapest on its community journey – it has just obtained precertification from BREEAM.

Why is BREEAM relevant?

BREEAM Communities International is a clear and defined set of guidelines for improving, measuring and certifying the sustainability of large-scale development plans.

It stipulates scope of activities for professionals participating in building design and construction. Its independent assessors evaluate the data provided from those teams and BREEAM verifies and audits the results from the assessors. There are two stages:
• Pre-certification based on plans – interim certificate
• A final certificate dependent on a circumstantial masterplan

In communities we trust

At HB Reavis, we emphasise community as being one of our most valued principles when approaching development areas. In Budapest, we connected with the local community from day one and are constantly taking into account their requirements. At our regular meetings at the construction site, we share all the news with them and discuss their ideas or worries.

Moreover, we wanted to hear what retail options and amenities are missing there, thus, with GfK we carried out research that resulted in us getting feedback from 500 respondents in order to gain insights into their needs. See which amenities will pop up in the area.

Last but not least, a public square is planned which will allow for various events to take place. To accomplish this feat, we counted on public associations to back us in our efforts to make it accessible for all people with no regard to their impairment or preferred means of transport.

All of these arrangements for the community have only one common thread: wellbeing for all.

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