Big news! We made it to Germany with two exciting projects on our hands! One in Berlin and the other in Dresden. How awesome is that? If the awesomeness was measured in hectares, it would equal 3,6 ha.

Why should you be at least as thrilled as we are about our breaking in? First of all, we believe we are not a developer, but an international workspace provider. From a human perspective, it means we not only care about the business communities inside, but also about the local communities outside. With our office buildings we aim to bring a well-being approach in order to support the productivity and happiness of employees. On top of that, we work hard to have a positive impact on the social lives of the locals as well.

One of the venues will be the Alter Schlachtof site at Landsberger Allee 104 in Berlin, just a couple minutes from Alexanderplatz. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what size you are, we welcome everyone: start-ups, scale ups and even large corporations from the creative and tech industries.

In Dresden, a new unique campus in its academic quarter is planned. Many of the Berlin plans have already been introduced and we’ll keep you in the loop with any new developments in Dresden.

In the meantime, you can learn more about our well-being approach and find out more about the projects currently under development in the five other countries we operate in. Let us give you some recommendations:

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