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HB Reavis uzavrel rok 2022 s viac ako 85 000 m2 prenajatých priestorov

Aj rok 2022 sa pre HB Reavis Group niesol v znamení vynikajúcich výsledkov v prenájme priestorov kancelárskych budov. V rámci Európy…

Varso Place central edifice is filling up

Varso Place is growing right before our eyes and attracting more and more tenants that are concerned about people’s well-being….

A world of wellbeing for 1,200 BGK employees at our Varso Place

A wave of excitement came over our Polish office when a new deal with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) was closed….

Do you need a partner to meet your ESG goals?

Every company has its own ESG goals; they’re an integral part of its DNA. But how you can make these…

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