Firstly thank you to everyone who joined us at ‘Demystifying #Proptech’ event hosted in HubHub at 20 Farringdon Street, where we were joined by industry thought leaders including James Dearsley and our own Gaia Arzilli.

We had an amazing time sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge around the new topic. It was fascinating hearing the speakers discuss the ways in which technology is transforming and driving a mentality change within the real estate industry.

We heard from our own Gaia Arzilli who spoke about smart buildings sparking ideas created by our tech and sensory platform, Symbiosy, and how we can use PropTech to truly enhance how we build and manage workspaces.

“A nicely designed workspace is not enough anymore, we are experiencing a paradigm shift where real estate is moving away from a brick and mortar asset into a workspace as a service vehicle focused on wellbeing and productivity.”

The audience was engaged and heard insights from industry thought leaders James Dearsley, Olga Nechaeva, and Ali Celiker on the challenges and future of proptech, the sharing economy, and fintech.

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Louise Ioannou

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