Over the past weeks, Clip has been feeling really adventurous and has shared multiple tips for improving peoples’ well-being in the office. Have a look to make sure you didn’t miss any and let’s make your working life even better.

Have you put on a sweater? Did you take a walk? And how is your new cactus doing on your desk?

These don’t seem familiar? Oh no! That’s because you probably missed some of the tips from Clip! And he cares about your well-being so much.  Recently, he has been quite active on our social media channels and has been giving weekly tips about how you can improve your life at work.  He has made a list of them, so you can check them out any time and include them in your work routine.

  1. Eat well

We are what we eat, and Clip knows it well. Did you know that greasy or fried food can cause a loss in your productivity by up to 66%? Treat yourself with light meals and you will find yourself sailing smoothly through your tasks.

  1. See well

Blue is a colour. But is it really? Blue screen light suppresses your melatonin! If you stare at your mobile and PC screen 24/7, it may mess up your sleep cycle. The solution is easy as pie! Or coffee! Give your eyes regular breaks by meeting with colleagues and build up some friendships along the way.

  1. Move well

Have you always found it strange when people just wander around mindlessly? Well, you don’t need to rob a bank and run for your life. Going for small walks not only burns extra calories, but also benefits your veins and muscles.

  1. Feel well

Clothes make the man. Or woman. Literally. Uncomfortable temperatures may decrease productivity by up to 6%. If you’re feeling cold and lazy, just put on a sweater. You’d be surprised how much it helps!

  1. Grow well

Say hello to your little green friends and give them a warm welcome to your desk. As humans, we have an innate affinity with the natural world. It has been confirmed (scientifically) that looking at green walls or plants helps you to maintain physical and mental well-being.

  1. Hydrate well

You are gonna need a bigger…cup! Water is essential and your whole body depends on it as it brings oxygen to your cells, the ones in your brain too. So, go ahead and drink some water. Minimum recommendations are 9 cups for women and 12 for men.

7. Relax well

Do you feel demotivated or emotionally exhausted? Maybe you just need some time to restore your mental health. Taking some days off or taking up new mindfulness exercise routines can reduce stress and prevent you from burnout.

8. Focus well

Open space amplifies noise and 99% of employees are disturbed by office buzz. For some focus time to get your work done, treat yourself with a visual and sound shelter.

9. Move around well

Pick a new spot for your work today – it’s all about perspective! Take inspiration from agile offices and be flexible. People who can change their seats are 12% more satisfied with their jobs.

10. Work well

Eating lunch at your desk again? Clip wouldn’t approve. It might seem contrary, but it has been confirmed that 49% of people are more productive after having lunch outside the office.

11. Create well

Hobbies are not only for kids. Our adult minds appreciate the creative twists which can keep them performing 15-30% better. Get your hands on some inventive pastimes and keep your mind refreshed and healthy.

12. Stimulate well

Let’s decorate! Nothing is more boring than plain walls and shelves. Improved workspace decor equals an increased flow of ideas. Bring your favourite poster, print out a quote you love or plant up your working space. The options are endless.

13. Collaborate well

Every meter counts when it comes to distance in the workplace. Did you know that as little as 30 metres can be an invincible obstacle for team cooperation? Let’s get your team together and your project will regain its momentum.

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