The topics for the second part of our challenge towards BREEAM Communities were sustainability, ecology and our relationship with the environment and nature. We asked people who live and work in and around the New Nivy area to share their sustainable ideas and eco-tips. The challengers were actress and singer Katarína Feldeková and singer Peter „Šarkan“ Novák for whom the Nivy area is dear to their hearts.

We wanted to inspire the local people through their own practical tips in the hope they might reevaluate their own sustainable and ecological lifestyle. We challenged them to contribute with their own ideas for a greener and more sustainable neighbourhood by posting them to the Campaign Website.

It was confirmed once again that most of people’s suggestions concerned those things which all of us could easily adopt into our daily lives.

The ideas sent to us by people have been divided into topical categories and these represent the general conclusions we came to along with the citizens of New Nivy…


What do the results of our poll of the local citizens regarding their relationship with sustainable and ecological solutions mean?

Topics like package-free management, zero waste and upcycling are becoming, together with waste recycling, the community’s mainstream rather than just being a concern for a particular group of enthusiastic activists who want to lead by example and inspire others. The people also expressed a wish that maintenance of the green spaces and effective rain water management would contribute to the positive microclimate in their neighbourhood. Functional solutions in all these domains should be a natural and compulsory part of community life.

Thank you for all your suggestions and we are pleased that some of them are already part of New Nivy or are included in future plans and attitudes when developing this new neighbourhood.

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